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    I am currently developing a game for the Pre and now I am looking for Betatesters living in the US.

    Because I do not know what will happen with this app (paid, free, opensource) I want to say not more about it and the idea here at this thread.

    Betatesters apply not to talk about this idea until its available and should meet the following requirements:

    - Live in the US
    - You need a Pre, Pixi not supported yet
    - You need a dataplan and good network
    - You need some time and you have to go out
    - You need to know how to install an ipk
    - It would be nice if you know a little bit about programming so you can make it easier for me to find bugs

    If you are interested please drop me a private message with your e-mail adress and I will mail you further information. It would be nice if a few tester would apply. I think its a really cool and innovating idea and would like to hear your opinion.

    Thank you very much.

    Thank you everybody - At the moment I have enough Testers. If more are required I will let you know.
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    Might be interested but I'm in UK, is that a problem ?
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    Mmmh, the main goal is to test the translation, so if you are interested please drop me a pm.

    But main testers should be US because I want to test the app working in the western part of the world.
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    I meet all requirements.
    Can i test?
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    of course, pm me your email adress
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    Where do you want us to post information
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    am interested and meet requirements pm sent
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    PM Sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    Where do you want us to post information
    Please send me a mail with your ideas and improvements.
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    Enough tester for the moment.
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    me too please.

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