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    I've already installed SDK 1.4 & Eclipse

    All I need to know is how do I step-by-step use Eclipse to take the files I already created under my "root" directory in Eclipse and make this a webos app package / .ipk ?

    Thanks in advanced.
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    if you have all your files, the sdk comes with a 'palm-package' batch file in the bin folder. you'll just run the command prompt command

    palm-package AppFolder
    where AppFolder is the name of the folder all of your files are in. this should create an ipk in the bin directory. then you can use palm-install with the full .ipk name

    palm-install com.yourcompany.appid_1.0.0_all.ipk
    and it will install to your emulator (if running) or device (if plugged in and on 'just charging'.
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