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    You know the lock screen where you enter your PIN? I'd like to change the background image.

    Does anybody know where the source image is stored?
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    just use webos quick installs
    click on tools
    click tweaks
    click styling mods
    click change lock screen background

    NotE: image must be a png image
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    Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to make these types of changes myself. Rooting my Pre keeps my terminal knowledge sharp.

    So, does anybody know where that image file is located?
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    I suggest you extract the dr and poke around a bit. I forget the location, but it's nice getting a birds eye view of your home town. If you catch my drift.
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    Wow, don't I feel stupid. I always searched from the terminal when I was looking for system files... It just never occurred to me to extract the source code from the DR.

    Any way, I found the file I was looking for:

    EDIT: There are four other images (five in total) that look exactly the same, so I am unsure as to which one is the correct file. I'm leaning towards the one I posed above though because it's located in the "screenlock" application.
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