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    I am having issues while calling google API with request headers. Below is my code.

    var tempCookie1 = this.myCookie.get();
    var url = 'http:&/&/'+tempCookie1['userName']+'?kind=album&v=2&alt=jsonc';"Auth Id:"+tempCookie1['authId']);
    this.authString = tempCookie1['authId'];"Auth String:"+this.authString);
    var request = new Ajax.Request(url, {
    method: 'get',
    evalJSON: 'force',
    requestHeaders : {"Authorization" : "GoogleLogin auth="+authString},
    onSuccess: this.gotResults.bind(this),
    onFailure: this.failure.bind(this)

    If i remove the requestHeaders it works fine and if i remove the authSTring it gives a 403 error. Am i doing something wrong here? ANy help would be appreciated.
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    did you find a solution? I have to set the referer and found your post.



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