Now that video is included with 1.4 SDK and can easily be configured to upload to youtube, emailed, or MMSed, does anyone have a good script to ssh into a pre and (1)turn on the video, (2) stop video, (3) upload, email, or MMS that video?

I have scoured webosinternals and "prehacker... blog". There is script to send camera shots, but no video.

Some people have mentioned in other post "What is the point? The camera is on the other side." I know. And knowing people, when they see their phone light up and the video come on screen they verywell could be stupid enough to look right at the camera in confusion as to what the phone is doing.

There is some great GPS tracking info (not the stuff in the app catalog either) out there and so I was wondering if one of the brilliant people out there has taken some time to write script for remote video.