OK I've searched the forum and all over the net and I can't get this to work.

I'm trying to create an app to display Sports Lines by using an XML feed from a sports service. I don't have a lot of javascript knowledge in my background so I'm trying to work with the data sample app from the SDK to pull my data.

I've got a lot more enhancements I'd like to put into this app but this simple data pull is holding me up so I thought I'd see if anybody would be willing to help...I'm sure this is quite easy.

Here is the XML feed:

basically I'd like to pull the team, line, over/under information to display to the user. As I said, I'm trying to use the XML Parser javascript given in the data app. I've got it so hosed at this point it's not even worth posting my code but basically I can't get the basic data elements displayed.

Would anybody be willing to help or have a resource that could better explain the whole XML parsing process? I've got the Palm WebOS and Javascript: Good Stuff books but they don't seem to be getting me where I need to go.

Thanks for anybody that's willing to help....I would split profits with you or something but I figured it would be a free app.