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    I'm aware the dashboard doesn't have all the styling properties as a normal card, but does anyone know if its possible to add a widget to the dashboard?

    webOS Tutorials

    More specifically, integer picker.

    Any help would be great.
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    yes take a look at my calendar snooze duration patch.

    you will need to specifically import the normally global .css.
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    Referring to this patch:

    +/*Note the version needs to be updated to match the latest mojo framework on your device.*/
    +@import url(/usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/submissions/200.47/stylesheets/global.css);
    Are you saying I'll have to change the url string for each version of WebOS to keep it working in an application?

    I've tried importing the css various places, and I've also tried importing global-widget-mvpicker.css from this page: Quick Reference—Style Guide - Palm webOS - O'Reilly Media

    But nothing shows up, not even the myscroller div.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Yes or you can just copy the nnecesary .css files into your project.

    I have not been able to get the scroller to work in the dashboard yet either. Even with the .css import there is still something missing or just not supported in the OS yet.
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    So then I have opened up WebOS doctor and got the appropriate css file and images and put them in my app. Can I place the css in the index.html or in the individual scene?

    Had no idea it'd be such a task to add one widget. heh
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    On another note, I couldn't get your patch to install properly either, on the emulator running WebOS
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    it hasn't been updated for 1.4 yet.
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    Oddly, if I open a card from the dashboard the widget seems to all of a sudden notice the CSS and becomes visible. Though it is horribly positioned and I can not click on it to change the number.

    I've tried various css tricks but to no avail. Anyone have any input?
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    are you using the tap target css class?
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    I have the widget in a palm-row x-mojo-tap-highlight="momentary" div? Sorry I am not clear on what you are asking.
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    that is actually what I was referring to.

    have you looked at how I added the drop down list selection for the snooze patch.

    sorry can't be much more help as I am not an expert at css, only know what I have figured out to get my patches to work.

    oh, also I got a msg from someone who said the manually applied the snooze patch and scrolling is now working in the dashboards.
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    Ah ok then.

    I really appreciate all the help you've been so far.

    I've tried playing with the scroller, setting it up various ways and in different modes but no go for me.

    I have not yet tried to add your list selector, as I was assuming integer picker would pretty much be the same exact concept, but I guess I'll give it a go.
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    I've managed to get the widget to show up in the dashboard, but I still have to open the card view first for it to recognize the css.

    Another problem, I can see the picker and I can tap on it and it highlights, but I am unable to change the number.

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