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    I'm willing to give away my high-end earphones (Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Pro)
    -or- if you prefer, $100

    ... to the first developer who can build me the following...

    Create a basic music app, or modify the stock Palm music app so that
    it plays a list of songs from a file/folder structure. And have it provide the ability to delete songs from the Pre. (a nice to have would be a cut/paste - move function as well). Finally, incorporate the scrubber (to skip through the track).

    The closest thing that currently exists like this is the Internalz app which launches individual mp3 files as streaming songs in the stock music player. Problem with that is you've got to launch each song one-by-one. Not to mention the pain of having to flip back and forth between the two apps all the time.

    Anyway, there's a chance you could make use of Jason Robitaille's File I/O API in some way to accomplish the app I'm hoping for.
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    Funny you're asking for this: a few days after the pre came out, I emailed the makers of pTunes (an AWESOME music app for the PalmOS) and begged them to make a music app for the pre that uses file/folder structure.

    They said they would... I'm still waiting.
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    test 123
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    Yep I used the awesome ptunes ever since I owned a Palm T3 back in the day. I read some news articles however where the makers of ptunes are waiting for WebOS to be opened up fully so that they don't need to comprimize any of the features of ptunes like their EQ and their support for a slew of audio formats. I'm doubtful Palm will ever open up WebOS to that extent. I mean the fact that Palms stock is hurting right now is not even incentive enough for them to do whatever it takes to give the Pre an edge in the marketplace!

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