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    I've been in contact with the Lines developer. He told me this:

    "Thanks for the email, and for talking on twitter.

    So I've actually submitted a Palm App back in the spring -- the issue was with these "look and feel" guidelines (it got rejected). The issue is that Lines is a web app at its core -- and both the iPhone and Android apps are native wrappers around a pretty convincing web app. This allows us to iterate 10x faster (since it's all web) and support a lot more platforms.

    Anyways, the issue is that I can't find web elements for WebOS -- ie, the css & images to make it look like a proper WebOS app. If you have any ideas, would love to hear them.


    E-mail is Henry AT

    Please email him if any developers have any ideas for him, or just to let him know there's interest. The Lines app is preferred by a lot of Dis fans even over the Official. It'd be great to have it on webOS more officially.
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    Little Helper was also called "Little Bulb."

    I'm only 22, so I don't remember Gryro from anything but my Sega Genesis game "Quackshot." That was one of the best games that I can remember ever playing.
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    Have them put it in the beta catalog or make the IPK available we will help them..
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyparisi View Post
    Have them put it in the beta catalog or make the IPK available we will help them..
    He told me "If you'd like to do some more research, that would be great. My guess is that it would require a pretty significant rewriting of our internals (or API) to support the app, but I'd be willing to look into it."

    Somebody with more experience in development please e-mail him. I'd like to do anything I can to see this App on webOS
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    So I've made this same post a couple of times in a couple different threads, but seriously, there is a major lack of any kind of Disney app for webos. Whether it's a game app or an app specifically for the parks themselves I'm surprised there aren't more available. Disneyland has an official mobile site, and there is another mobile site called dlandlive that is pretty good too. I just wish there was something a little more user-friendly out there. (and more of them too!)

    Here's my original post:
    I'll be going to southern California and Disneyland soon, and I am amazed that there are not more disney themed apps. I love one for android/iphone called "parktastiq". It has a cartoonish map of the park and i believe it can tell you wait times, bathroom locations, etc. Another one is called disneysecrets and it has cool lesser known facts and helpful info about the park. If you could come up with a combination app that would be amazing!
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    For Disneyland/DCA there is DLandLive.

    Its a mobile website that will help you plan your trip.

    It will also provide you with helpful numbers for places around the resort!
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    Go to Walt Disney World Resort from your phone. It has all the park info including wait times.
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