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    okay, I have been away from the whole "overclocking" deal for a while...

    I recently have been looking through thr forums and I saw comments regarding an 800mhz patch being broke when updating to 1.4. Where did this come from? (link? Source?)

    anyone have a link to the updates of the 800mhz development thread?

    don't post about how it could damage my pre. I don't care. I'm getting a new one in a week. So.. Don't poast about that.

    thank you.

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    There was an alpha testing group but the rhread has been closed due to issues with one of the main creators of the patch.

    As of right now everybody doesn't know the status and i'm waiting for somebody to announce the are picking up the project.

    If you updated to 1.4 you can't use the 800 mhz patch as it is unstable. Getting a hold of this patch also required you to be an alpha tester. So, sadly you and I are out of luck. Just hope that somebody picks up the project and maybe it will go public.

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