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    i notice when i run top .... the java process seems to like idling at about 35-45% CPU ... this is without any cards open .... reboot or prolonged uptime make no difference.

    whats the best way to check what is going on with my dear webos?
    perhaps some way to check threads in the jvm ?

    phone was fine before...just the app catalog installer was broken so i decided it might be a good time to webosdoctor ... particularly since i have been running the same install since the phone first came out .. rooted with some basic stuff installed ..

    i have a feeling i can remedy this by just removing as much as possible app/data wise (to 'clean' up the palm profile a bit) then webos doctoring and resyncing and reconfiguring everything from the fresh install....

    but im really curious what is going on with this poor little thing... i havent done anything to it since webosdoctor was ran ... i just let it re-sync all my profile stuff .. and its been awhile since i did that, so i know it isnt because its still syncing.
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    also, not running any patches ... service-wise, it has package manager, flash light, free tetherd, my tether

    only home brew is flash light app, battery monitor, free tether, my tether, mobile hotspot, show properties, terminal and luna manager.

    i did fail an install of some alternative terminal pkg at some point, but i have not investigated if this left some vestigial garbage pkg in some broken looped state?
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    Do you have any IM services running??? They drain the batteries like crazy!!!! Especially AIM...
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    no I'm not logged into IM.

    and what I'm talking about here is a constant 450mA+ drain in battery monitor.. And 2hr battery life.
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    turn off wifi

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