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    After using the WebOS version of Grooveshark, I noticed that not all my playlists are showing up. Weird. I guess still some bugs.
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    I wish I could shuffle my songs but otherwise, it's a pretty sweet. It found it's way to the wave launcher
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    Does anyone know how to use the "radio" feature in mobile grooveshark? I cannot get grooveshark on my Pre to recommend any songs. Basically, I am looking for the pandora like feature. Works great in the desktop browser.

    One other point of note, I have very poor Sprint coverage at work, I can usually get Pandora and Slacker to run, but have been unable to use grooveshark at work. I still signed up for the VIP account because I do like the radio recommendation on my desktop and wanted more than 50 songs for my pre.

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    I'm loving grooveshark, I uploaded a bunch of songs to the website last night, and I love that it doesn't limit my 8gbs of storage. Can't wait to see what future updates have in store!
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    I am not paying $3 a month to listen to my own music, which is then unavailable unless I have a solid 3G or Wifi signal. If I just want an internet radio experience there are other more elegant solutions. Also, I did the trial on this program and was seriously underwhelmed with the sound quality of the songs thye were streaming.

    I liked the interface, liked the idea you could choose your song, but again, the cost is a deal breaker for me. Also I am not sure about the legality of their using my uploads to stream to other users.
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