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    Hi all...

    I'd like to use the usbnet connection which works fine from my pc to my pre the other way 'round, accessing the internet from my pre via usbnet over my pc...

    after reading a ton of posts of how to tether, i found none which works the other way (sort of reverse-tethering)

    I found a short description on webos-internals, however it doesn't work on my system.

    My PC is running vista business 64 bit, usbnet and novacomd installed and working fine, even alongside each other.

    Has anybody successfully tried to do this and can give me hint?

    Thanks alot,
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    does your pc have a wireless card? you could use it as a hotspot for your pre to connect to wirelessly, perhaps...
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    yeah, but i don't like to use wifi if i don't have to.

    plus, i figured, since i'm already connected via usb one-way, it should be possible to extend that connection to two-way...
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    nobody's got an idea?

    or is the solution so obvious that's its not worth telling?
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    I think most people just use a WiFi connection, either through a router or adhoc through a PC...
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