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    Hey guys,

    Maybe this is a simple question and I just don't seem to have the answer. The App Weatherman does it as does GeoStrings and I'm sure a ton more.

    I usually can figure this stuff out on my own but I'm at a loss to find any information about auto launching a headless app or service once the phone boots up.

    I'm sure I could dive into Palm code and figure it out but I would hope this is officially supported and some legit documentation on it. If anyone has any information or could point me in the correct direction I would be much obliged.
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    Weatherman does not necessarily load on startup because I set it that way-- it schedules for itself to be launched one hour from when it last ran. If the Pre is off during this time, Weatherman should automatically update the weather in the background and schedule an update for the next hour.
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    Similar to Weatherman, GeoStrings does not launch after a reboot. It sets an alarm for its next location poll. Alarms on webOS persist after reboots. You can read about alarms here: Alarms €“ Palm Developer Center
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    Great guys! Thanks for the info, I truly appreciate your help!

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