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    Here's the number 1 thing that I miss about my Blackberry Curve after using my Pre since Thursday. Whoever capable and willing to patch this would be a godsend.

    Could someone patch it so that my friend's facebook pictures appear for contacts already in my contacts folders only? I've used the Synergy for the Facebook contacts but I don't like that at all because I honestly could care less about the 200 or so Facebook friends I have with phone numbers attached to their accounts. Plus with the synergy it overlaps current contacts I have in their.

    I only want the profile picture to appear if the person is already in my contacts. Can this be done? Thanks.
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    I'm having a hard time figuring out what you are asking. I might already be implemented, but it's hard to to tell.

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    Facebook Synergy adds every contact of every friend you have on Facebook regardless of who is already on your contacts. Thus if you have the same person on Facebook as a friend and a standard contact from them they overlap. Also, Facebook puts EVERYONE into your contacts and for me that makes no sense because I would NEVER call/text a good majority of my Facebook friends because we aren't *that* close.

    What I want this patch/app to do is recognize contacts between my Palm Profile (what I have personally added to my phone) and contacts from my Facebook friends who have the same number as the contacts on my phone. Then I would like it to be able to pull ONLY those people's pictures and assign it to those contacts.

    Please let me know if this is already readily available or even feasible. If you still don't understand I will try and explain it graphically. Thanks!

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