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    is there a limit of how many launcher pages you can add? I did a search and came up with nothing(unless I missed it).

    I have 10 total launcher pages. I like sorting my pages. I have launcher pages for contacts, games,music apps etc.... I've been downloading new games and would like to add another page but it won't let me.

    any help or suggestions would be appreciated...
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    From what I understand, not without a patch, or without Palm unlocking that feature in a future update (the ability to have multiple launcher pages is reportedly already written into the webOS code...)
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    yes, I have the patch installed.... That's how I have 10 launcher pages.

    It won't allow me to add any more pages... Is 10 the limit or is my patch corrupt or something?

    I really need to ask Jason or one of the devs.
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    I believe the max is 10 pages, do a search, it's been mentioned before....
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    dude you have 10 pages?? What do you have on each? Please share
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    Per the WebOS Internals wiki, the max is 10 pages.

    Patch Launcher Add or Delete Pages - WebOS Internals

    It also states you could actually increase the number, if you wanted to.


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