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    Do you have to pay a subscription fee to Palm to get access to use the Palm Ares web-based programming solution? It looks like an easy solution to those of us who aren't tenured programmers looking to start small and eventually grow into developing bigger and better things.

    Let me know how I can get access to this.
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    just go to the Palm developer site....create account (free) can mess with it but will still need the Palm sdk
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    I already have the Palm SDK downloaded. Will they begin randomly charging me $99 a year? I don't know enough right now to justify spending $99 a year on developing but I would like to start small and grow from there like I said before.
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    There is no $99 fee. That is only if you register as a non-Open Source developer & submit to the App Catalog. I use Ares & don't have to pay anything.
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    Sweet, thank you. I appreciate both of your help. Thanks for both of your posts.

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