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    I have an app in the app catalog, and have received numerous requests from people in unofficial countries to purchase it.
    I am trying to find out if I am violating any kind of agreement with palm by selling it myself outside of the app catalog, as it would mean they don't receive the 30%. If not, why would I not submit a lite *free* version of my app to the app catalog, and then provide a link to buy the full version unofficially outside of the catalog? That way, I could keep 100% of sales.
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    Yes, that would be violating the Terms and Conditions for Palm SDK License Agreement | Palm USA (read section 4.3).

    However technically all homebrew apps violate this section of the agreement since they are being distributed outside of Palm's official app distribution channels. But Palm unofficially has indicated their approval of homebrew apps. However I assume they would not be so approving of apps distributed outside of the normal channels that are making profits since Palm would not be receiving its normal 30% cut.

    Inspired by the Flash Cards app, I chose to distribute a free trial version of GeoStrings to people outside of the U.S. that expires in 45 days. That allows people outside of the U.S. to use the program freely until April when hopefully they'll have access to paid apps. Maybe you could consider a similar strategy.
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    I live in Poland and I would love to be able to buy apps from the store. I just want the ability to pay for them, I do have credit card and I think it's not a big deal for HP to open AppCatalog to many countries, even without official Pre distributing. I can't understand why they are so limited with buying options.
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