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    Hi Just wanted to let you devs know that I would be willing to help with GUI/design interface for apps. I'm not huge into coding and have some experience in HTML/other web-based languages BUT I'd rather be more focused on the design side.

    Willing to donate my work to apps that are worthwhile and will be distributed at zero cost to the end user but if you plan on making a profit I would expect a cut.
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    I'm interested...

    I was going to post an ad on Craigslist for a graphic designer with strong UI & CSS skills. Do you have an online portfolio of your work?

    PS - My app isn't free, but I pay for good design work! ;-)
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    Sounds good. Send me a private message as I can't send you one (not enough posts I don't think?) and explain what your app is, what kind of GUI/design work it would be (ie. how extensive), and how much you might be willing to pay.

    I currently don't have a portfolio of my work so you would taking a leap of faith but I'll be 100% honest with you if what you are looking for is out of my expertise or a waste of your/our time if I worked on it.

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