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    I just updated a couple patches earlier this morning via PreWare. Now I went to the launcher and now all of my pages are completely blank. All of my icons on all of my launcher pages are gone.

    Any ideas??
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    Try rebooting the phone.
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    did that......
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    I'd recommend you remove your patches and start fresh. If all else fails, the doctor will see you.
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    The new 4X4 patch with hidden arrows did that to me.
    Laissez Faire
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    Yep me to 4x4 with hidden arrows
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    Try doing a couple Luna restarts.
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    reboot twice if necessary, happened to me too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooshady View Post
    Yep me to 4x4 with hidden arrows
    Same here, a reboot brings them back.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    same here remove the 4x4 no arrow and the no arrow in launcher. Reboot and they all cameback.
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    This is a incompatibility conflict for users who have both the "Named Pages" and "No More Arrows or Fading" Launcher Apps:

    Use WebOS Quick Install>Device Manager>Unistall chosen patch


    Type "Preware" from home screen(none of your apps are deleted, just not easily accessible)>Run "Preware">installed packages>patches>choose and remove either patch
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    I think it's something more than just those 2 patches, especially since I've never had those 2 installed before. I lose pages and apps. It's pretty annoying. Hopefully it will fix itself with a trip to the doctor.

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