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    I just saw the ActiveCard thing on the main site, and my brain hatched an idea. How hard/stupid/impossible/ingenius would it be to have that/any app replace the homescreen?

    Maybe keep it behind the dock and have it stay where it is and under the rest of the apps in card view.

    Not sure what what you'd do with the other cards, maybe have them start out mini and reposition them so as to not cover anything important?

    This could be the solution to people wanting widgets and stuff! Note- I'm very tired and not thinking very clearly, so don't be afraid to tell me how stupid this is...
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    To be honest, I've had a similar idea for a while now. Something along the lines of mimicking the app launcher or making it part of the launcher. maybe, flick up for launcher, again for homescreen(s), then again to close?
    I toyed with just making a page on the app launcher act as a homescreen with mixed success in the past. Never really went anywhere with it though.

    then again, I haven't really done a whole lot of webos dev.
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    when asked if the Pre could have an animated screen like the Nexus One, a palm engineer said it could be done. I don't see why an "active card"-like background couldn't either....except maybe for the necessary APIs that would be needed and do not yet exist.
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    I would LOVE this. I'm a huge fan of widgets and the like, and it irks me to no end that webOS doesn't have them. It's the one thing Android has going for it over webOS (other than build quality, but that's neither here nor there) On the iPhone, someone replaced the home screen (aka SpringBoard) with a wheel of categories called "PogoPlank." If it can be done on the iPhone, why not webOS?
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    Currently the LunaSysMgr controls the main screen and its background image. As the API stands currently, there's no possible way to make something that overlays or alters it (other than changing the background image).

    A fairly large shift in how LunaSysMgr is done would be needed to give developers the ability to add widgets, unless I've missed something.
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    I saw the Nexus One yesterday and the owner demo'd an "active background". The thing is, Google could even use this to push out Ads to the "active background". Yuccks!
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    What about turning one of the launcher pages into a home screen? Instead of 3 icons per row (or 4 or 5) each launching a single application, we could have one dynamically-generated "widget" that spans an entire row linking to a single application.

    I'm not in dire need of a Home screen, myself, just thinking out loud. Thinking further, how does the Launcher Page Name patch work? Could it be modified?

    Regarding webOS's strucure, is the Launcher, technically, an app like any other, or is it functionally deeper, closer somehow to the base Linux OS beneath Luna?

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