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    Has anyone tried to port any RPG's to WebOS? Second Life was the first I thought of cause the viewer code was released. Is it too much of a load/lost cause/too cumbersome? Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance.
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    I think the only RPGs that you'll be playing on WebOS are NES, GB, GBC and GBA games at the moment. I am with you though, I'd love to see a modern RPG on the system
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    I'd love to see Final Fantasy come. I think 1 and 2 are coming officially, made by Squarenix, to the iPhone.
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    It would make sense as SL is available as a Linux Distribution (and I don't know of others that are). It would seem that recompiling would do the trick for the viewer, as long as the hardware would run it. I dunno what the ARM is equivalent to, but it will MANAGE on a nVidia 5500 and look decent frameswise with everything turned off. One would have to fudge the resolution of course, but that could also be done. Are other RPG's done like this too?

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