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    Is it at all possible to come up with some sort of patch to enable WiFi SSID-specific http proxy support? I'm not sure how it could be done, but I would imagine it would have to do something with using 'export http_proxy' upon connecting to specific SSIDs, as well as modifying the UI to add a field in.. Does anyone know if this is possible? I need generic HTTP proxy support when I connect to the WiFi network at my job, and I've all but given up on Palm adding it in...

    Anyone? Please?
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    Yes, that's possible.

    Follow CAREFULLY this HOWTO. In short words: you can install the squid proxy, add a peer proxy, configure iptables to forward all HTTP requests to the proxy (transparently, so the webOS browser doesn't have to know!). It starts automatically if WIFI comes up and stops if WIFI goes down.

    I urge you to backup the files which have to be modified.

    Tell me if it worked
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    The how to and the article on webos-internals do not explain how to start squid only when connected to certain accespoints (SSID). I am wondering if its possble. Anyone? Normally you like to have squid running only when connected to your office wlan but not at your home.

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