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    Aright guys Im trying to get an image I have to when you click it, it opens the email api with a string that would load in the body-text of the email... i dont quite understand how to do this...

    Im trying to use my own image/icon instead of the widget given by Mojo if its possible
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    ok i have this in my code in the stage-assistant.jsjsjs $file$
    FrontAssistant.prototype.LaunchEmail = function()
    		method: 'open',
    		parameters: {
    				id: '',
    				params: {
    					summary: "test summary",
    					text: "test body of the email",
    but i want to use a custom photo instead of the widget they provide so im trying this with javascript on the index page like this...
    <div align="center"><img id="sms" src="images/mail.png" alt="Mail"  onclick="">
    i dont know what to put in the onclick"".... im a newbie and i dont even know if its possible to do it this way. if i cant whats the bestway to approach it?

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