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    I'd pay for an app that plays various white noise sounds such as ocean waves, rain, etc (especially the rain!) and that incorporates a sleep timer to shut it off after a certain time. If I were more tech savvy, I'd try to write it myself, however I'll just have to settle for paying someone else for their work!

    Any takers?


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    Have you checked out "Rockus Sound Machine" in the Catalog? I haven't tried it myself, but the description sounds like it does what you're saying.
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    Was just looking at this. Anyone try it? I really hate the no refund thing. Would love to try it and see the quality of the various sounds. For now I use the New Age channel on Slacker and it does the trick at night. If Sirius ever makes it over, the SPA channel is nice as well.
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    I have Rockus, and it's worth the download. It's only a couple of bucks, but it does the trick. Some of the noises you can clearly hear the "loop" in, but others are subtle enough that you can't tell. Unfortunately, the white noise sound's loop is painfully obvious, as the sound just cuts out and restarts
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    Just an FYI. One of the next two updates to Rockus Sound Machine will include an improved white noise sound. Also we've released another app called the rockus sound sampler for checking out our sounds. The sounds are all new sounds that we're considering for addition to RSM, but it will give you an idea on loop quality etc.
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    I bought Rockus Sound Machine months ago and it's the ONE app I use consistently. My favorite place to use it is in the waiting room at the doctor. It cancels out the crankiness and overheard stress emanating from other patients. (And as result, I swear RSM helps with my blood-pressure reading.)

    The airplane engine white noise and TV-static white noise are wonderful accompaniment for reading because they're consistent without changing in tone/distracting.

    Love me some RSM!

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