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    do any developers out there know how to carry this out?
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    Thought it was a good question and a good idea, so I tried it out.

    Found a good solution.

    Just put an {img} in the palm-header {div} with the title, and style it to move wherever you want (margin-right, etc).

    Simple example with no style to move it (centers along with the text) attached.
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    Thanks alot that help and did the trick. Only thing is that my my header icon image is favoring the top alot any idea so to center to the the left side?

    ps I have text written next to the icon.
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    Ok, problem solved!!!

    Use this for your CSS (change the margin values as you see fit, but I think this looks good)

    div.palm-header img {
    div.palm-header {
    Attached is the updated SRC zip file and also the IPK zip file for easy testing.

    In this copy I added a horizontal black line to the exact vertical center of the image so you can see it's actually lining up on the vertical center of the header.

    Screenshot here: (don't have enough posts to link to it...)
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    You my friend are the man. Thanks alot, it worked well and i just had to change the numbers a little and thats it. thanks
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    no problem! As I said, it sounded like a good idea and one I will probably use myself. Glad to help

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