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    I have hard time figuring how to use the video object. Following Palm posted docs:

    // Initial setup
    this.videoPlayer = new Video();

    var file = Mojo.appPath + "video/diverter.avi";

    this.videoPlayer.src = file;

    // Set to true if the file should begin playing automatically when loaded, defaults to "true"
    this.videoPlayer.autoplay = false;



    playStream: function(){;

    with an empty scene HTML file, I can hear the audio but no video is displayed. I am assuming that I need to have an HTML element and tie it to the video object somehow. I searched Palm Docs; but no luck....

    So, I tried to use HTML5 video element (Media Objects – Palm Developer Center), I can set the src for the object and add listener to the playback finishing. Everything went just fine. When I tried to intercept the end of video playback to the source (src) to another video file, it plays the same file.

    In short, I want to play videos one after each other. Any help? pointers?
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    you should try in html

    <video id="myVideo" src=""></video>
    and in javascript something like

    $("myVideo").src = Mojo.appPath + "video/diverter.avi";

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