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    I love webOs. I am a website/graphics designer, to a limited capacity. I would like to create applications for this platform, and it looks like something I can learn easily. My attempts to learn so far have been limited to outputting images and HTML text onto the screen.

    I am familiar with HTML and CSS, but do not program JavaScript and have only edited existing JSJSJS $programs$ $before$.

    I need a good, step-by-step guide, book, or video tutorial. I don't care if it's not free. Hopefully something that teaches Palm Ares as well.

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Thanks in advance
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    if you scroll through this forum (web OS Development) you'll find around 200 threads with info... i hate to be curt, but the moderators should really sticky one of the good threads so that new folks have the resources at the top of this section. search oreilly Palm webOS and there should be a book you can download online for fairly cheap. there are a also a few threads on here that have links to "my first app" tutorials". feel free to unpackage some of the open source apps and learn by example.
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    I'm also a WebOS newbie, but I am a programmer by trade. I suspect you would start with just a Javascript tutorial ... there's got to be about a bazillion on the web. I've always found it easiest to learn a new language by tackling a simple project.

    I assume you've seen the Palm Developers web site? Beyond that, here's a couple of other web sites and articles that I've bookmarked as I've tried to get up-to-speed:

    webOS and AJAX
    WebOS Programming - Beyond 'Hello World'
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    I've got a list of tutorial sites on my tutorial site. I think that one of the good "other" tutorials is webOS School
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    I also agree that some of the good threads should be marked sticky by one of the moderators.
    Richard Neff

    My tutorials on WebOS development: Beyond 'Hello World!' | Getting Started - WebOS Development

    My apps: Percent Table | SierraPapa
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    w3schools javascript section
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    I too caught on with html css easily but had a lil trouble w javascript, coming from a short programming background which started with Visual Basic.
    I picked up a book called "javascript in 24 hours" with 'one hour' sections. Easy to read and understand and each hour has a quick review and quiz at the end (I was sold there). You can find the info from the book (if you don't wanna buy it) from The JavaScript Workshop
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    how hard can be to create some app with any knowing of css, javascript or html.
    Is possible to do it with the tutorials or I need take classes?
    thanks for any inf you can give me!

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