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    Is there some undocumented link command for the browser that launches apps local to the device?

    For example, Palm's website has a link that when clicked will bring up the App Catalog with the specified app page. Maybe the WebOS browser is hardcoded for only the App Catalog but I'd have to think there's some way to do it.

    I know regular browsers have "mailto:" to launch the email app, so maybe something similar.

    So, is there a secret way to have a link like "runapp:com.palm.calendar" to launch the calendar by clicking on a link in the browser? If anybody is interested in looking into it, please see what the WebOS browser is getting when you go to:

    If you can grab what's coming in, you might be able to figure out what needs to be in the link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarkman View Post
    At the bottom of that list are apps that are supported. For example:
    { "url":"^mailto:", "appId":"" },

    So what I want to do is be able to add to this list for my own app. For example:
    {"url":"^mailinglist:", "appId":""},

    So when you see a link in the browser like:
    "Touch here to add your email address to the mailing list"
    and you touch the link in the browser, it would launch my mailing list app.

    I realize that this could cause security problems so WebOS probably should show a dialog box asking if this is what the user wants to do.

    Oh well, one can always dream.

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