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    So I got a Pre a couple of weeks ago and I have an idea for an app i want to create. Not gonna talk about that though. Basically, I am wondering how other people started developing for webos. I have taken several programming courses in college, so I have a pretty good beginning knowledge of coding generally. I know some Java, C#, and VBVBVB.$NET$. $I$ $just$ $did$ $Palm$'$s$ $HelloWorld$ $tutorial$, $but$ $I$ $felt$ $it$ $was$ $pretty$ $lacking$, $and$ $most$ $of$ $the$ $other$ $stuff$ $I$'$ve$ $found$ $is$ $pretty$ $technical$, $I$ $don$'$t$ $feel$ $like$ $I$ $really$ $know$ $what$ $is$ $going$ $on$ $yet$. $I$ $want$ $to$ $get$ $some$ $books$ $I$ $guess$ $to$ $start$ $off$. $What$'$s$ $most$ $important$? $I$ $know$ $webos$ $uses$ $Javascript$, $HTML$, $and$ $CSS$ $primarily$. $Should$ $I$ $start$ $off$ $getting$ $a$ $Javascript$ $book$? $I$ $found$ $these$ $books$ $on$ $amazon$ $that$ $look$ $pretty$ $good$. $Does$ $anyone$ $have$ $any$ $input$ $on$ $them$?

    Or should I get more familiar with HTML and CSS. I want to say that Javascript is the meat of a good app, but what do I know.
    Also, should I get one of the webos specific books? I know about WebOS by Mitch Allen, but I've heard the book is out of date and not the greatest. I also found
    This one seems to have some good reviews.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Here's what I recommend:

    - Start with Ares. That way you can focus on parts other than positioning widgits (you can use other methods later when you get a better foundation)
    - Check out some books at oreilly online. You can buy both the mitch allen book and the javascript book in ebook varieties. That way you can save some money while being able to read them in different formats(PDF, EPUB, and MOBI)
    - Don't try to read the books from beginning to end. I suggest the first few chapters of the mitch allen book for sure then use both books more for reference with the projects you're working on
    - Visit #webos on There are a lot of very helpful developers there that'll gladly point you in the right direction

    That should get you started. Don't try to be too ambitious all at once obviously. Lots of small guided steps will always take you farther.

    Good luck to ya!
    - Phil -
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    also unpackage and use others' apps as an example to learn how to do different functions. there are a lot of open source apps, and i found the quickest way to learn was to see what's actually going on inside. i started with the app ideas, and then learned what i needed to complete that app. with each new app i learn new tools to incorporate. i did start with the oreilly palm webos book for the super basics.
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    thanks for the tips. I haden't even thought of checking out open source apps though. That's a really good call!
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    Actually, I'd like to modify two patches. I'm wondering:

    1-how I can get that patch (on my computer) & then how I can tweak it

    2-if there is one place where I can check if someone else is currently working on the same idea


    Edit: Found a dedicated forum - it's a promising start!
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    You're right that JavaScript is the meat of programming for webOS, so you'll want to bone up on that. I found Web development with JavaScript and Ajax illuminated by Richard Allen to be a really good starter book (aside from the last two or three chapters, which are less well-written, a bit biased, and appear to have a different author). Crockford's book is a good read, but only after you're familiar with JavaScript. Be sure to check out his Web site too.
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    cool beans. I will have to check out some javascript books then. any other suggestions on good beginning jsjsjs $books$?
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    well, i just ordered the mitch allen book and the web dev with javascript books you guys mentioned off of for 35 including shipping total for both. not bad. cheers all
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    Be sure to spend time with the sample apps included in the SDK: stylematters, Data, Services, UIWidgets, and a few others. I don't know why they don't pre-install them in the emulator or make the code easier to find. But they cover how to do most of the things in the SDK. And they really make up for the spotty documentation.

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