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    Here are a few ideas I wish I had time/skill to figure out but would like to see someday... please share but no complain about what is missing.

    For the phone app, default to open the "all calls" page like the patch for the clock that opens to alarm by default, add a global search box to the all calls/missed calls page. When searching in this box dialing a number on the keypad looks up contacts and also puts the number in the box, Like on a blackberry.

    More for the phone app, a default number for a contact. Many people have other numbers they call you from but you only ever call them back on a specific number. A check box...

    Hook the gesture system, I want to draw W on the screen and have the weather application start, I want to draw N on the screen and call Nikki on her cell phone, I want to draw B on the screen and open the web site I have associated to Banking. How about S for sms and M for new email... This application I would gladly pay for.

    I know people are working on VPN but soon please, money to be made here as well.

    The back gesture is great but can we put forward as well? I like to go both forward and back in the gesture area.

    Cut copy and paste need some work.

    OK enough wishing/wanting new apps and patches for now. When I think of something else I will add it here.
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    I want to draw N on the screen and call Nikki on her cell phone
    Quit calling my girlfriend!

    Heh. Good idea on the gesture forward, as well as the gesture shortcuts (draw a letter, etc). You'd probably need a preliminary hotkey for the latter, so you can do horizontal letters without swiping the existing objects around.
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    Video Calling would be a great...i remember Lightwav had this for the Treo 650 i could play a video instead of the persons picture when they call you.

    Volume Enhancer definitely needs this

    Minimize Cards something kind of like the new "clear card" app...but u can minimize the app to another launcher bar or something. just to free up the home screen...if u wanna keep apps open but still view ur Wallpaper. this kind of app would go great with the switcharoo app.

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