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    I REALLY REALLY need an app that tracks my business miles using location services. I use the same vehicle for personal & business use & currently I'm using "Mylez" but in that app I have to input my starting mileage and stopping mileage. That method is not much different than using a paper log and writing it down. I would love to be able to just hit something like "start trip" & "stop trip" when I'm using it for business and have gps calculate the mileage. Because it's for tax deduction purposes it would need to be able to combine & calculate all business mileage for a specific period of time (i.e. the whole year for income taxes). I imagine this would be very useful to a large number of small business owners that drive their personal vehicle for work purposes.
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    I don't think this would be very hard to do. What other features would you need? I assume you would how to email or export your data somehow.
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    awesome idea on the start stop trip...I use fuel and the author is very receptive and is currently working on bus/pro version...would make a nice addition.
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    Yes on the email/exporting. Also as I mentioned above it would be great to be able to autocalculate total miles over certain time periods. If not specifying the date range then defaults of "quarterly" or "yearly" would work since it's for taxes.

    User Clacombe has mentioned that he would like to start work on this app in this thread but I have not confirmed that he actually will be.

    I would be happy to beta test this for ANY developer.
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    +1. Would pay up to $5 for this.
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    After a brief search I found 3 iphone apps that do this, Automilez being one that states "We do not provide clients for [weOS], but we hope to in the future" on their FAQ page here.

    That does not overwhelm me with confidence that they'll be doing that sooner rather than later. However, I am encouraged by the fact that it's doable and better yet has been done.

    Two other iphone apps I came across were DayTracker & let's get this made for webOS!
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    Update from Clacombe, YAY!

    Quote Originally Posted by clacombe View Post
    I have started the trip calculator app. I will be calling it "Zoovio" and I am currently about 40% finished with it. Follow me on Twitter for real time updates on what I'm doing. I will hopefully release some snapshots on my blog, I'm going to work on the UI a bit and clean up the design.
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    I'm also excited for this app. Keep up with the good work and if you would like GUI/design assistance please let me know.
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    Lol I guess I haven't gotten to this topic yet. Anyway, yeah I'm currently finishing up some other projects and then I'm really going to buckle down and focus on Zoovio.
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    Count me in for Zoovio. I just spent part of today searching Apps catalog for exactly this kind of functionality!

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