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    I like how you can copy photos to the photo album from email attachments and would like to see a patch where I can save mp3's to my music library from an email.
    I can't figure out where my attachments go. I have looked through the internalz app and put my phone in usb mode and can't find the songs my friend emailed me. I can only listen to them through the email app.
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    I 100% agree that a patch or app to do this would be GREAT!

    However, in the meantime, it CAN be done...just not "simply".

    Make sure you've downloaded the mp3 through the e-mail app (so, if you open the message and click on the attachment, it plays right away).


    - Open "Terminal" (available via Preware)
    - type "cd /var/luna/data/attachments" <--Note the space between "cd" and the first "/"
    - type "find -name *.mp3 <enter>
    It will give you a list (including the path) of every mp3 that's in one of the subfolders of "attachements". Make a note of which "bucket" folder it's in, and which sub-folder of that it's in.

    So, now you know what's there...and where it's at.

    - Now, use the app "Internalz" to navigate to "var/luna/data/attachments"...there you will find many "bucket" folders (note...some have a"-" in-between "bucket" and the number, some don't). Find the "bucket" folder that has the mp3 you're looking for. In THAT folder will be one or more numbered folders. Go into the folder that has your mp3 (I usually only note the fist 3 or 4 numbers, that's all you need to know)

    There's your mp3.

    - Click it, and you'll have the option to copy...navigate to /media/internal/ - plus whatever path you've got for your music (mine is /media/internal/music - very original, I know).
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    I second that request.

    I just recently sent a mp3 file via mail to my pre for later use, just to find out that I can play it, but not save it to my music library. Itīs not really that big of a problem, but kinda funny that something so obvious and easy does not work out of the box
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    there is patch for that multi mod browser patch, you should open your email in the browser way and save the file , voila!
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    Thx for the heads up, can you please elaborate on this? What do you mean by "open the email in the browser way"? I already did have the "Multi Mod" installed, but can not reproduce your suggestion.
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    Yes, please explain further...
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    I know i am necroing this thread, but there is an easier way to do this.

    You still need the terminal app, but only the one time.

    This is possibly dangerous to updates and what not, but i haven't had an issue yet.

    1: download

    2: save to the root of your pre in usb mode

    3: go into your pre in the terminal app, navigate to /media/internal and type: mvapp linkemail

    (don't need to chmod +x because the usb partition is fat, and it doesn't support permissions / execute bit)

    It will move your emails and attatchments to /media/internal/.data then link that to its original location, which makes moving them to your media folder much much easier. You can do it from your computer, or internalz.

    I wrote a script to traverse the bucket directories and move the files, if anyone wants it i'll share. This is honestly not really needed with internalz though, just made it to make life easier for myself.

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