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    would anybody be able to build an app for they post their API on their page? There's an app for BB., iPhone and Android and I would love to use one on my Palm Pre. Please if anybody could It would be much appreciated. :-)

    FatSecret Platform API
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    Have you gotten anywhere on the vehicle log program you were working on? I have been using "Vehicle Log" for classic since I used it on Palm before and it is exactly what I need, haven't found any program that does the same stuff.. now that classic is going to be shuttered with 2.0 I am hoping the right program comes around soon.. The main features are to track fuel fillups (odometer reading, gallons, cost, memo), trips (start odo, stop odo, $ field for tolls, memo) and service (odo, $ for cost, memo). It is relatively simple and can be improved on for sure, but TealAuto looks good, but lacks tracking the tolls on a particular trip.. needs to be a separate entry...
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    I kinda stopped working on it a while ago because it seemed too specific. I'm working on a Google Voice app right now. Connor LaCombe Blog Archive Voogle for HP webOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by silversuperman View Post
    would anybody be able to build an app for they post their API on their page? There's an app for BB., iPhone and Android and I would love to use one on my Palm Pre. Please if anybody could It would be much appreciated. :-)

    FatSecret Platform API
    I will have a beta of fatsecret available very soon!
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    Netflix, Mint, and Chase bank would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by memfus_boi View Post
    How about a nice Bank of America app, its nothing like online banking on your phone
    There is a bank of america app.
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    I would like to see something similar to PocketQuicken.
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    Hey Connor. A Baseball Game app for WebOS with some of the following features would be great:
    - 3D graphics (ballparks, players, etc.)
    - Play against an online opponent
    - Play solo
    - Include all current MLB team rosters
    - Season mode that saves stats
    - Franchise mode (see how your team evolves each year)
    - Home run derby
    - All-star game
    - Real time stat updates
    - Sports ticker
    - Play with "Hall of Fame" teams (1961 Yankees, 1975 Cincy Reds, 1986 Mets, etc.)
    - Draft and trade players (any era)
    - Manage Free Agents
    - View Player cards (Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, etc.)
    - Save stats via a Web service (import more players, teams, etc.)

    Take care, and continued success.
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    Must have apps for webos devices-palm pre plus-palm pre 2, etc.:


    AGENDA ONE (from it still is only available for Windows Pocket PCs (iPAQs, etc.)

    RED LINE (or similar bar code scanner). Also the webos devices should have an autofocus camera for this.


    I do not yet have a smart phone, but I wish that there would be enough requests for these apps that the app developers would consider developing them for webos devices. Without these apps available for webos devices, my consideration will be confined to the iPhone and Android devices.
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    I have a WHS, so i want an App to access (stream) Musik and Videos and Pictures from my WHS..
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    I would like to see MessagEase for webOS...

    shameless plug for the current thread...

    By the way, the developer of MessagEase (Saied Nesbat) has joined in the discussion, so if you are interested, please show him some love and encouragement to port/develop to webOS.
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    Camera Bag

    and any other photo/camera app

    and Last FM Scrobbling
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    I would like to see an app that you can add different effects to photos like they have on the android. Not just adding silly graphics or negative or sepia. some really cool <deleted by mod>.

    Also, I would like to see more games/apps that utilize the accelerometer. Like ground effects. It's a cool game but there should be more like that!!!
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    Voice Dial / Voice Recording
    KeyCaps600 - Shortcuts to enter Caps letter, numbers, etc., without pressing Shift or Symb key (enjoyed with Treo)
    Onscreen Keyboard.
    Photo Editor
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    I REALLY like this software in my Treo 680, that has save me too many times!!

    There is some chance to create something with the same options?

    If wanna more options, it's interesting create something like the SmaatoCost to Palm OS!! Perfect to control my bills...

    I can to help about the options, if do you need...

    Best Regards...
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    My Treo had an app that had an restaurant food nutrition database (especially for carbohydrates) built into it. The app was called "CK Diet Diary" and was written by CalorieKing. I am only interested in the database, not the diet diary. I am aware of several diet diaries apps out there, but no restaurant food databases.
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    I would like to see another Palm OS emulator since "Classic" is no longer available in WebOS v2.0 and is available only in the "Trial" version in earlier versions of WebOS.
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    I'd like to see an app that filters calls/SMS/MMS. allowing a sort of blacklist and/or whitelist.
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    Shazam and an app for call recorder.....
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    I downloaded Shazam and Soundhound and haven't used either one, yet. LOL

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