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    Hello there,

    I wrote a little tool that takes an IPK archive, extracts it, "compresses" it by removing as much space as possible from code/html files (e.g. whitespaces, dead code in JSJSJS $files$, ...) $and$ $actually$ $compressing$ $JPEG$/$PNG$ $images$, $then$ $repacks$ $the$ $files$ $into$ $a$ $new$ $IPK$.

    I tried it a few times with different packages, and there was always the same result: I could install the new IPKs on the emulator but not on the device. And now I'm asking you guys (since most of you have more insight into webOS than me) if you have any idea why this is happening?

    An example package can be found here: Removed.
    (It's the FileCoaster IPK reduced to 77% of it's size...)



    P.S.: It may well be that there's something wrong with my device that prevents those packages of being installed. In that case, nevermind, but tell me

    It might have something to do with the "Signing" of IPKs. If that's a mechanism to prevent people from changing the code (e.g. adding some of the malicious kind), that would perfectly make sense... So I asked for clarificatioin at the Palm developer forum now...
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