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    Developers take note: Interpret is looking to find a bit more about you and they have a brief survey to do just that - finish that, enter your info at the end, and be entered into a drawing for a free Palm Pixi or Palm Pixi Plus. Non-developers, feel free to take part to be entered as well. Either way, go on and let 'em know how you're feeling about mobile apps these days.

    Click here to take the survey and enter for your chance to win:

    Pulse Study US

    (Keep in mind the survey is being run by the folks at Interpret, not everybody who takes the survey may be eligible to finish it. If you don't qualify, fret not, we're giving away a Palm Pre or Palm Pre Plus next week for the Smartphone Round Robin, here's the latest forum thread for you chance to win)
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    wow... dam* that was a long survey! you should get a phone just for taking it... wish they said there were like 50 pages to the survey... be warned it takes 10-15+ minutes.
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