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    Hi, my week old Pre has got to be replaced due to several faults (mainly hardware).
    I have just (2 days ago) started playing with Preware and have installed the following on my V1.3.5.2 GSM Pre

    Preware v0.9.18
    drPodder v0.4.8
    Luna Manager v0.0.3
    Mazer v0.0.1
    4x4 Icons v3
    SMS Tone per Contact
    SMS Vibrate to One and a Half Seconds
    Unhide Dev Mode Icon

    1: Which if any of these will be backed up by using the official "Backup" app?
    2: Will they restore ok once i have my replacement Pre on the Same software level?
    3: Will the patches be restored or do i just need to re-install them (see question 2)?
    4:Should i wipe my Pre using "Full Erase" or do i need to use a 3rd party tool (Webdoctor) to clean it before returning it to O2

    Thanks for the speedy (hopefully its going back tomorrow) replies

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    Just had confirmation of swap out on friday so need to sort this.
    Sussed how to remove patches via preware remove function, is it ok to remove non app catalogue apps via the orange button-tap method?
    Going back to the original point, are patches and homebrew apps backed up to the cloud?? if so s this ok/safe?
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    01) No Homebrew applications will be backed up by the official Backup app (i think Mazer might be a Catalog app, & is therefore backed up, but i'm not positive).
    02, 03, 04 All ^.

    Open Preware, remove any theme you might have & run the 'Emergency Patch Removal' to remove them all. Then delete all of your homebrew apps with the Orange+Tap Method. The purpose of remove all the Homebrew apps is because some carriers/manufacturers claim it voids the warranty & you may be out of luck getting a replacement.
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    Open Preware, remove any theme you might have & run the 'Emergency Patch Removal'

    ?? is this in Preware or WebOsQI? cant seem to find it in Preware?
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    In PreWare. Go to 'List All Packages' & start typing "Emergency Patch Removal" It should show up as you type.

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