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    Wish I could...
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    why would you want to? the pre's built in web browser is way way better than opera.
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    I don't actually have a pre yet, so you are probably right, it would just be nice to be able to sync my bookmarks.
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    Missing Sync will sync bookmarks (Although maybe that's a Mac only feature, I have no idea as I don't have Windows).

    Anyway, as the previous poster mentioned, there is NO comparison between Opera mini and the WebOS browser...
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    trust me you wont miss any of the opera browsers. this coming froma faithful user of them on my mogul/touch pro 1 and 2
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    Thanks everyone, you are definitely right. I'll just get the Missing Sync to sync bookmarks.
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    Man, that would be a downgrade if I ever saw one. LOL
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    I miss opera =( it did everything i ever wanted, and the new mini beta 5 is truely excellent.

    I could list stuff it does but the caching of websites alone for a better mobile experience is a real killer ontop of the syncing of bookmarks/ wrapping of text for readability based on resolution of device/ password manager and tonnes of other things

    Opera mini is such a good browser.

    What are the chances of one of us being able to port it over or are we looking at opera to develop it for the pre?
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    well i would say the chances of a port are zip to zilch seeing as its almost unanimous that the stock webos browser is better
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    well i would say the chances of a port are zip to zilch seeing as its almost unanimous that the stock webos browser is better
    Agreed. I've been using Opera mini on previous phones for years now, but the WebOS browser easily blows it out of the water. I doubt they will ever port it to WebOS for two reasons:
    1. Even if it was free, barely anyone would use it. Not worth their time porting it.
    2. If they released it as a paid app, it definitely wouldn't sell.

    Opera is great for dumbphones, that's it.
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    You couldn't "port" it, Opera is closed source afaikafaikafaik.
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    While on the opera topic, anyone know if it is a wap browser or something else?
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    I'd still like to have Opera Mini on my Pre. The compression & caching servers do a great job of reducing the bandwidth dramatically, and using far less CPU power. It'd save battery life, if nothing else.
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    I'd rather have Mozilla's fennec browser. Or at least an updated implementation of the most recent webkit with the WebOS browser and ability to search for text within a page. (and also for a name links to work)
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    If there will be firefox for webos, opera will certainly follow.
    What Time will not heal, nothing will.
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    I finally got a pre, you were right. The default is way better.
    What Time will not heal, nothing will.
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    yeah the browser on the pre is like tied with other top knotch phones.
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    There is no way to get Opera mini/mobile on webOS. The Pre has a great browser built in, but that has been stated. There could be improvement, which I imagine will come, as Palm is cranking out constant updates to the browser.

    I can see Firefox attempting to bring a browser to webos one-day, but I don't think it's a priority, as the built in browser works fine making it hard to convince users to quit using it.
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    just watched a comparison with iphones 3gs normal browser and opera omg its super fast
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    I agree the default browser is way better, but the speed of opera mini is alot faster and would be nice sometimes when service is limited. I would like to have both
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