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    I'm a 3D artist and I'd like to work on a game for Palm Pre. Since the Pre can handle multitouch, I'm thinking it could simulate 2 analog joysticks on the screen. If the game code can alter the system volume, then the volume keys could also be taken over and act as Shoot and Jump buttons.

    I don't know if 3D game development is possible on the homebrew front, but if people can do ports of Quake, I'm hopeful. If anyone has been thinking about doing a Shooter, but been held back for lack of art resources, then I'm you're man. I have lots of experience making the most of the fewest polygons.
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    I want this too! ANYONE WILLING?
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    This will be entirely possible once the new development kit is released. However I think the kit that is used here has access to the GPU through openGL which means that it is possible now through homebrew. I also believe that the volume buttons can be remapped for certain applications (refer to the patch that uses volume buttons to snap pictures in the camera app).
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    1st person shooter? Sounds great, lock and load!

    Ohhh you mean a GAME... (puts gun away sadly)
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