has anyone used this method when uploading an ipk to palm? i used it since the 'learn more' stated that you would receive a special link so that you could distribute your app to testers you chose. after i loaded this app hoping to only send the link to 3 or 4 people for testing, i checked my apps after a few days and it had 300+ downloads!

i emailed palm to have it removed immediately, but i wanted to know if anyone else was under the same assumption i was, or has had a problem with this. the 'learn more' aside distribution when loading a new app states for web dist that it will be publicly available via feeds, but there is no mention of this for beta dist. i don't think palm intended to allow feeds for beta, but AppScoup is carrying beta apps.

any thoughts? i feel like i've lost what could have been a few hundred buck since the app is in usable shape enough that once it's released via catalog those folks won't need to upgrade (although there will be substantial upgrades).

thankfully it's monday.


***EDIT: i do see that Palm does have a separate feed for beta once i rooted around the custom feeds. still, it should warn you in the 'learn more' that it is publicly available and not misrepresent that your special link would only be for those you want to distribute to imo.***