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    I've searched all over, and despite the fact the WebOS is built on Linux, it doesn't appear that it's possible to play ogg vorbis (or flac, or any other non-proprietary) files. What gives? Anybody working on any programs to be able to play other formats? My understanding is that gstreamer is used for codec support, aren't there gstreamer libraries available with ogg built into them?

    Point is, it would be amazing if I could play my ogg files on my Pre...I'd happily pay for it...
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    go here:

    freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)

    webos-internals channel
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    So I had a chat with a couple of the good folks over on the webos-internals channel, and to summarize what others told me, the gstreamer libraries packaged in WebOS on your phone right now are capable of playing ogg vorbis files and it can be done via command line. The problem is there that Palm's API's don't have anything written in them to support this, so a possible solution would be if someone wrote a service which was able to send files to gstreamers for decoding. All my programming experience is computational (matlab is my best friend), so I may not be the best person to do it...anyone else interested? It honestly doesn't sound like it should be *that* difficult...
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    Like most things, I guess it will be simple to the guys who are adept with linux and WebOS. I'm afraid I am not one but I would definitely appreciate Ogg support!
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    Yes, I would be most appreciative, too. I think there are a number of us who keep our music in open standard formats on purpose, and it would sure be great to not have to transcode music to a proprietary format before being able to play it on the Pre.

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