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    Ok so I'm acutally using an "<input type="text" />" text field. But basically if I hit the enter key when the textbox is focused, it won't even detect that the key was pressed in JavaScript. Other keys will show up as pressed though.

    Whats the deal?!

    this is my current code:

    <input type="text" value="Enter message here..."  onfocus="clearText();" onblur="showDefault();" onkeypress="trySubmit();" id="chatMsg" style="width:190px; margin-left:50px; color:#999;" />

    function trySubmit()
    	var key = event.keyCode;
    		Mojo.Controller.errorDialog("Enter key hit.");
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    I was actually curious about this as well. I'm using a Mojo Textbox widget, however I'm still not positive on how to detect an Enter Key press and respond to it...

    Any thoughts?

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