Ok so for the past hour or so I've been trying to get my app create an account on the Synergy service or w.e. This is my code right now...

this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.accounts/crud', {
			method: 'createAccount',
			parameters: {
				username: credString,
				domain: "com.kandutech.chirp",
				displayName: userName,
				icons: {
					largeIcon: undefined,
					smallIcon: undefined
				dataTypes: ["CONTACTS"],
				isDataReadOnly: false
			onSuccess: function(resp){
				Mojo.Controller.errorDialog("Account Created!");
			onFailure: function(err){
				Mojo.Controller.errorDialog("Error! "+err.errorText);
It just won't even respond, I have it in a "onSuccess" Ajax.Request, which works fine (Tested with "Mojo.Controller.errorDialog). It won't show an error dialog or a success dialog which it should be! Please help me here!