My Sprint Pre locked up and then would not get all the way through startup. I could give more details about what went wrong but that's not the point of this post. I had several homebrew apps and a couple dozen patches installed, most recently a second attempt at using Virtual Keyboard, which still proved unreliable for me.

Anyway, I finally gave up messing with it and ran the Doctor. This got me back on the air and the Palm profile restore worked fine too.

Trouble now is that both WOQI and Preware (which I reinstalled using WOQI) think all my patches are still installed. If I try to remove them, the removal fails with the "Unreversed Patch" errors. Attempts to Update them fail in the same way. So I appear to be stuck.

I don't know how these utilities decide what patches are actually installed, but if there were a way to tell it to reset its beliefs, that might be a good start, since my device is a clean slate now.