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    I was just thinking that if I have to reset my device, I will probably backup the entire /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/ folder. This way, I won't have to lose any of my app/game saves and I won't have to manually reinstall all of my homebrew apps. It would be nice if they stored my app/game saves in my Palm Profile or at least under /media/internal/, but this will have to do for now.

    Now here's my question...going through the folder, I noticed that patches were also stored here. If I manually move this information over, will the patches work, or do they still have to be installed one-by-one? If I could just copy and replace this entire folder it would make the reset process completely painless. If the patches won't work, I can always remove those folders before replacing the directory, so it's not a big deal.
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    wondering the same there an easy way to back-up everything (including homebrew apps and patches.) My power button broke AGAIN and so I really don't want to go through all the installs again,

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