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  • Hell yeah! Their hard work makes my life a little better.

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  • Sure I'll get around to it someday... maybe, if I remember.

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  • I'd love to do it but extra cash isn't really an option for me right now.

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  • I'll post around the forums making others think I donate, but I really won't.

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  • Not me, I'm just here to take all the freebies I can get! Suckaz!

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    Relax, not suggesting that this shouldn't be done. I haven't seen anything on this topic in the forums so just wanted to know what others are thinking and what's the regular practice. Is there a set dollar amount that's already established? Is a patch is worth $x and an app is worth $y? Do you ask the dev what they feel their work is worth? Do you just give based on what you feel it's worth? Is just a "thanks" good enough if you don't have the money to give?

    To all the devs in here, THANK YOU for doing what you do . I'm sure some of you just do this for the fun and challenge, while others are looking to make some deserved financial compensation for your time invested. Either way I hope a little guidance will help all in this community.
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    Sure.. already donated to a few and for sure going to donate more in the near future
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    Sure.. already donated to a few and for sure going to donate more in the near future
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    If the app developer accepts donations, I usually give what I think the app is worth to me (usually $4 to $5). I have donated in support of utility apps; I generally don't donate for games which are less important to me. In light of the big money I spent on PalmOS apps over the years, I feel obligated to pay for apps that are important to me.

    I treat patches, installer tools, and other device management tools (like WebOS Repair Utility or Internalz) differently. When I donate to those developers, I give an amount I believe will help fuel future development. The value of any individual tool is irrelevant. Of course, it helps that I can afford to donate. If I was strapped for cash, however, I doubt I would deprive myself of patches and homebrew apps.
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    I donate what I can (spent most of a year unemployed, am now working after finishing school, and am getting caught up on rent/bills -- finally!!!) I have already made one round of donations to the devs whose hard work I reap the benefits of, and am planning to continue with small monthly donations, as that is how I can afford to support continued development.
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