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    WebOS 1.4 is "coming" soon so I wanted a little bit of advice. I wanted to know if I should start removing all of my patches & my themes. Or should I just wait a little bit. I have my Pre set up just the way I like it & it's easier for me to navigate around it with the patches & tweaks, so I don't want to stay too long with out them. Haha. Just a little question. Thanks!! =)
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    Wait until it comes out. You have a little time to update your Pre when 1.4 is released. In fact, I think you can download the update, but not install it. Beside, no one know exactly what day 1.4 will be released. It could come on the 1st, 28th or anywhere inbetween.

    However, webOS will force-install after some time.
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    You can wait. Tweaks and themes, etc shouldn't take long at all to remove.
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    Cool thanks. I ran into some trouble shortly after I posted this & had to uninstall them all & run Repair Utility. Haha. But I'm putting them back on once I get home from work. Lmao! =) Thanks again!! =)

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