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    I was hoping somebody could make a patch that allows you to modify the voicemail number on the Dialer page. Currently this is hard-coded to your phone number but with Verizon you are forced to enter your password each time (sprint allows you to disable this in their menus).

    I found some guy posting manual modifications of the db.3 file but I was hoping somebody could make something that avoided this.

    Get your CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 file off your Pre with WebOSQuickInstall. Back it up in case it doesn't work and you need to restore it. I'm a GSM user, and I'm not 100% sure this will work on a Sprint CDMA device.
    Select Tools > Receive file

    Paste the path below in the first box, the destination path in the 2nd and click Get From Device:

    Download and install SQLite Database Browser:
    Browse SQLite Database Browser Files on

    Open the DB3 database in SQlite.
    Open the carrierNetworkSettings table in the dropdown and locate your carrier.

    Move to the right, to the voicemailNumber column.
    Doubleclick the cell, change the value and click Apply changes.

    Run WebOSQuickInstall again. Click on Tools - Send File and point it to the amended database file. As the destination folder use /usr/lib/luna/ and click Send To Device!
    Repeat this, only this time use /var/luna/data/ as the destination folder.

    Reset your Pre. That should be it.
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    What would be nice is to activate the ability to change the VM number in the phone preferences like on AT&T and other networks. I nosed around and could not find where the menu is located so it is over my head.
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    It would be very good if we can modify the voicemail number from pre patch .

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