I'm using the Mojo.Event.stageActivate to generate an event when the app is maximized to take the app out of "Pause" mode.

I have a scene which pushes another scene on top of it. When I minimize, and then maximize the card, both scenes generate an activate event. I didn't even realize this was happening until I put sound in the bottom scene and noticed the sound started in the invisible scene which is below the top one.

The documentation says:
"A stageActivate event is generated when a stage becomes active and is potentially receiving the user's attention. For card stages, this is when the stage is maximized and fills the screen. The event is sent to the top scene, and bubbles up to the stage's document."

What do they mean by "The event is sent to the top scene, and BUBBLES UP to the stage's document."? Does this mean the lower scene is supposed to get the activate event? Is this a bug? Or ??

Anybody else have this problem?