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    I can't seem to find this out anywhere so I thought I would come to those who know best.

    I have a few app ideas in the works, but am wondering if they are able to be able to link externally to websites from within the app.

    For example, an app like GOOGY OS, is not published by Google, yet the app is out there and provided a portal to another website.

    Is the problem with charging for an app like that, or is it something else?

    And can you charge for an app that ultimately leads to someone else's website.

    I likey take apart thingies....
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    Googyos and similar apps don't embed the site, just pull it up in the browser. Basically, it acts like a bookmark manager. It may depend on the specific site, but I doubt just pulling up an external site (as opposed to embedding), allowing advertisements to be seen, is probably not a big deal to most people. Ultimately, though, you have to look at the license or TOS for the site you want to deal with.

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